22 May 2013

The elegance of a white t-shirt | La elegancia de una camiseta blanca

Hello everybody,

A simple and basic white t-shirt is piece of clothing that we all have in our wardrobes. However, oftenly we just don't know how to get the most out of it. Since a couple of years ago, a white t-shirt is becoming an absolut MUST in my dialy-style and I use it for all kind of looks: casual, formal, bohemian, sexy... Anytime, anywhere! For all of these reasons, I wrote this post: I wanted to show all the posibilities that a white t-shirt offers you.

Una camiseta blanca básica es una prenda que todos tenemos en nuestro armario aunque muchas veces no sepamos sacarle todo el partido posible. Hace unos años que para mí la camiseta blanca se convirtió en un MUST en mi estilo diario y además la uso para todo tipo de looks: más casual, formales, sexys ó bohemios... ¡Cómo sea, dónde sea! Por todo eso decidí escribir este post, para mostraros las infinitas posibilidades que ofrece una camiseta blanca.

The best thing? We can buy a good white t-shirt in every single shop of this world! The one you see in the pictures is from H&M, but I have around 5 or 6 of them from many differents brands. I must confess I even keep a white t-shirt from an ex-boyfriend (!) The shape of the t-shirt is just perfect so I still use it a lot ;)

¿Lo mejor de todo? Que se puede comprar una camiseta blanca en todas las tiendas del mundo. Por ejemplo, la que véis en las fotos es de H&M pero tengo alrededor de unas 5 ó 6 de muchos otro sitios. Incluso he de confesar que todavía conservo una de un ex-novio (!) Pero sólo porque la forma me encanta y la uso mucho ;)

Black leather jacket/ Chaqueta motera de cuero: Bershka
Maxi-necklace/Maxi-collar: Stradivarius
Golden necklace/Collar dorado: Bimba&Lola
Watch/Reloj: TimesForce
Sunglasses/Gafas: Knockaround

You can combine a white t-shirt with all colours and types of jackets. My favourite combination is a white t-shirt with a black leather biker-jacket, as you can see in the picture above. I think it is a really sexy but also elegant option. You can also use it with intense/loud colour blazers like the dark-blue one I am using in the pics. Don't forget that a white t-shirt is also the best background for  one of the others Must of the lasts seasons: a maxi-necklace.

Se puede combinar una camiseta blanca con todos los colores y tipos de chaquetas. Mi combinación favorita es con una chupa de cuero negra, como la de las fotos; creo que es una combinación muy sexy a la par que elegante. Úsala con una blazer de color intenso, como la mía azul y seguro que aciertas también. Además, no te olvides de que una camiseta blanca es siempre el mejor fondo para poder lucir lo máximo posible esos maxi-collares que tanto nos gustan.

 Yellow blazer/Chaqueta amarilla: Vintage
Choquer/Gargantilla: Swarovski

White t-shirt + short jeans + yellow blazer? Definitely! The perfect look for these summer evenings when we are so beautifully tanned... :)

¿Camiseta blanca + shorts vaqueros + blazer amarilla? ¡Pues claro que sí! Es el look perfecto para éstas tardes/noches de verano, cuando ya estamos morenitas... :)

Use it as well with your military parka (jacket) like mine, that also has trival pattern,s and you will get a very casual look. A denim shirt is also very good choice: it will give a more serious touch to your every day looks. Here I have made a selection of the best white t-shirts, I hope you like them! 
AsosMNG / Zara / Sandro 

Úsala también con tu parca militar, esa que tanto se lleva este año, y tendrás un look muy casual. Combinarla con una camisa vaquera es una elección muy buena: te dará un toque más serio a tus looks de diario. Aquí os dejo una pequeña selección con las mejores camisetas blancas que he visto, ¡espero que os guste y lo hayáis disfrutado! 

With love,


  1. Vaya.. de lo que es capaz de hacer una camiseta blanca!! nunca me han gustado demasiado por el tema de que la mayoria se transparentan mucho... pero se intentará! :) besos flamencos!

  2. Your sunnies are lokking way good with your red hair))

    Take a look at my blog http://www.dariaburkova.com/

    Instagram http://instagram.com/dariaburkova

    xx, Daria

  3. hi! I found your blog through IFB as we were both chosen for the May 30th links a la mode. My link is here: http://www.carlytati.com/best-kept-french-beauty-secret/

    Oh the white shirt, always a favorite:) Love the look with the yellow blazer.

    I just followed you on twitter!

  4. Wow. Very beautiful. Congrats on being chosen by IFB. This post is really great. xo


  5. I have to admit that I don't actually own a white t-shirt and now I'm wondering why not?! Great post :)

    1. A white t-shirt is a Must in all of our wardrobes, you won't regret it! ;) Thanks so much for your comment :)


  6. Muy buenas ideas y combinaciones! :)

  7. Love your look and your creativity. :)
    You're an inspiring woman


    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments ;) They just make love even more what I already do.


  8. Great post - I couldn't agree more, a plain white tee is such a versatile, classic piece. No woman should be without! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, a basic tee is always "there for helping us" ;) Just checked your Blog and I love it! I am not a good 'chèf' so I find absolutely interesting all of those blogs that also add "Food" to their themes... ;) Follow you in Twitter :) We keep in touch! :*

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks! :) Just checked yoour Blog and I really love it as well... I still need to lear soooo much about the "Fashion Blogs World"


  10. Love your fashion choice!!!! congrats in the IFB!!!

  11. Loved all the looks you have created here.... ( and the backgrounds!!) But can I confess... I do not own a white tee? Even a white shirt was added to my wardrobe mere weeks ago. I do not know how I survive without staples.

    Thanks for engraving in my head that I must go and buy a white tee the next time I am out :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    1. Thanks! The photos were take in the Berlin Wall that's why the backgrounds are so amazing ;) Yes, you should buy a t-shirt asap! You won't regret it as it is a pice of clothing you will use forever and ever ;) Let me know how is it going with it...


      Just added you to Twitter!


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