20 May 2013

Julian Hakes 'Mojito' Shoes

Hi everybody!

It has taken me quite a lot of time but I finally decided to create my own Fashion Blog and I must confess I really feel absolutely excited right now! :)

From A pair of high heels I am going to show you my point of view about fashion and style; we will also discuss about how-to-wear the last trends and I am going to share with you the most amazing street-styles that I find here in Berlin. I am going to talk about fashion as I personally live it and feel it. And, in general, about life! :)

I really want you to also participate in this project! :) So please, feel free to ask any question you have about fashion or style; if you don't know what to wear to a wedding or which type of heels choose for your new jeans, let us know!

I can't forget to mention my beloved team of Moda y Desfiles. As many of you already know, I am also collaborating as fashion commentator in this Facebook's Fanpage so I would like to thank all the team for the great opportunity the gave me a few months ago. Our collaboration won't break now and I will keep on working with them as normally.

And, in honour of the name of this blog my first post is about heels, high heels :) A few days ago I found these amazing arquitectural-shoes: the designer is Julian Hakes and their name is Mojito. According to his creator, the Mojito shoes are "light, comfortable and elegant" and they even won the "Drapers Footwear and Accesories Awards" to the best shoe design of 2012.

What do you think? Would you also wear them?



  1. Me encanta. Besos

  2. Good start Juani!
    Now, don't forget to present us with one of your great reviews every day (or every two days, but do NOT take longer!) and we'll be so happy to read you! I'll be the first to seek your advice (sometimes, when I go out, I miss opening your wardrobe and borrowing your so-vintage white shirt)
    Congrats again,


  3. Good Luck baby!!


  4. Very nice Juani!!



  5. Congratulations Juani!! I like it!!!!
    Do what you do and you will see you will be successfull coz you do what you like:)) ME encanta, espero verte pronto cuando pases por Granada, un beso!! xxx

  6. Simply love it!! LRP


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